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Our Prices

I am sure you agree it would not be sensible or practical to give out our pricing structure, there are a great number of variables to take into account when pricing a job properly. We take time to produce our quotes to ensure we are charging the correct price for the job.

Our pricing structure is simple we charge a fair price for a great service. We attempt to keep our pricing standard as much as possible across all our customers. You can be confident you will be charged the same comparable rate as our very first customer (a tactic some window cleaners seem to operate is to use new customers as a way of increasing their overall prices and they 'drop' their original cheaper customers) We do accept that sometimes it is necessary to refine your business, but we personally dont believe in punishing new customers with high prices and your older customers by 'dropping' them. If you join our list of customers you can be confident that you will never be 'dropped', we stay loyal to you and in return our customers remain loyal to us.

We charge correctly for the work we undertake, not what it may be percieved 'someone can afford' or how much 'we can get away with'. Operating on relatively tight margins we aim to build up long term relationships with our customers. We operate with a strong ethical code you will receive great benefit and value if you receive services from ourselves.

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